Missionary Of Satan

I know his deceitful ways
Those of which I will never follow
O' you, who denied my master
You were the children of light

I am the missionary of evil

Amazed by this black power
By the soul of Satan
I now am certain

The father of all wisdom
Spirit of infinity, in embrace of thee
I rise from the darkest skies
Bringing death and infamy

"In glorification of you o' father,
I grant myself to the service
Of your infernal league,
The one who hides in every shadow,
To them you are invisible,
But I am to see through the darkest eyes"

I, the incarnation of blackest powers
Satan's soul risen in me
The greatest might of the universe

When the roots of soul are evil
No goodness can prevail
Your ways I am destined to follow
Satan, father of the proud ones

And in Satan's rise
The heaven will see the strength of my wrath
When the souls of darkness roar
Christian ignorants shall be destroyed

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Missionary Of Satan Lyrics

Tunrida – Missionary Of Satan Lyrics