Hail Satan

We salute you
The blackest might
Your being all around us
We revel in eternal night
For our honor
In constant strife
Until we'll witness
The destruction of light

Father, I greet you in triumphant respect
Satan, for times unknown I have adept to your ways
Father, in you I have grown black
Lucifer, hell shall welcome my presence in the end of days

The idless one with an endless faces
The faceless one with thousand a id
The speechless one who speaks through me
I am the apocalypse
Hail me!!!

"... For I am the Accuser, hear my laughter in the abyss
The Fallen One, Blasphemer of thy celestial cast
An infinite breed of a black universe
In rebellion I rise from the past... "

Hail Satan - Fierceful opponent of the deceitful light
Hail Satan - I acclaim to you in ever-growing affinity
Hail Satan - Everything that breeds in the night
Hail Satan - Outcast of the earth attack divinity

Carrier of light - I breathe the legacy of hell
In black infinity - The beast within me rises in flames
Satan - The most beautiful God of mine
Eternally I am to be a warrior of thine
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Hail Satan Lyrics

Tunrida – Hail Satan Lyrics