I went away for a while
Could hear your voice
And see the way you smile
Oh you know what I like
'Cause you make me feel right
When I'm with you everything around me
Is like a dream come true
And I've been waiting for a boy like you
Baby I'm yours
(im yours, I'm yours, I'm yours)
You're the one I've
Been waiting for I'm yours
Baby I'm yours(im yours I'm yours)
Your the one that I've been searching
For I'm yours
Don't walk away don't be shy
I know how you feel
Ill be right by your side
'Cause you know what I want
And you know that I'm here
Because of you
Everyday's a dream
And no one else will do
'Cause you're the only one I want
Its true
I don't want to be here without you
I don't wanna lose you again
(Chorus repeat)
Baby I'm yours
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I'm Yours Lyrics

Triple Image – I'm Yours Lyrics