[Trina: spoken]
Hi this is Trina
And I'm standing 5'2 125 pounds 34, 26, 36
Beautiful lite grey eyes, long black curly hair that
Hangs down to the middle of my back and right now I'm home alone and
I'm looking to try something new so if your listening
Why don't you leave me a message
Ha ha ha ha

Take your hands and close your eyes and picture me
Touching your thighs do you feel your body next to me
I'm in your mind but physically it feels so real when we're on the phone
The way you talk and the moan I put your body to the test it's not
A fantasy but it's phone sex

What's your description I told you mine I was feeling real horny
Called the party line dude sounded so good I ain't waste
No time I'm a take my clothes off and just go for mine
The way that he was talking and describing himself I picture
Reggie bush and I ain't seeing nothing else my eyes closed tight
On the living room couch one hand up my (umm) putting fingers
In my mouth cheating on my man I'm getting my freak on long as it ain't real
I ain't doing nothing wrong just a dirty fantasy on the
Football field me laid in the grass wanna love how it feel
Pulling on my hair biting on my lips throwing it back thrusting my hips
Pouring champagne down and he taking sweet sips got me bout to climax he took me on a trip ah


The next day I called the party line again I was looking for that voice
That's when I bumped in a thug that sounded like trick to me
You should have heard that nasty fantasy
He made me see us in a school house
I was the last student left and was bout to walk out
He said bend over and show him a shot in my private school skirt
So aroused I got hard as a missile I blew on his whistle playing back and forth
For this nigga I can't dismiss you he asked can I kiss then I got wet
This phone bone thing is getting better than sex don't need protection everything's
Safe I even let him spank me I came on his (ah) I know he was so amazed
To hear me come on the phone we wasn't playing no games
We was getting it on ah

Do you feel me baby sexing your body touching you softly
Making you want me go head close your eyes
Put your hands on your thighs let's fantasize
From the other end of the line do you feel me baby sexing your body
Touching you softly making you want me go head close your eyes
Put your hands on your thighs let's fantasize
From the other end of the line

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Phone Sexx Lyrics

Trina – Phone Sexx Lyrics

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