Three months ago Tom and Becky Jones had a fight
She left hi overnight
Then my next-door neighbor said his woman gave him fits
He up and called it quits
The couple down the block barely finished their house
I learned this mornin' he's already moved out

I don't like what's goin' down
Spreadin' like fire all over this town
Up and gone has done caught on
How else do you explain
Leavin' seems to be the goin' thing
It's the goin' thing

Now here I am on this front porch tryin' to understand
This letter in my hand
You left it sittin' on the table when you went for a walk
It said we need to talk
You can understand my concern
I'm thinkin' maybe it's my turn


I'm not the kind to overreact
But you can't deny the cold hard facts

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Leavin' Seems To Be The Goin' Thing Lyrics

Trick Pony – Leavin' Seems To Be The Goin' Thing Lyrics

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