I've been working and slaving,no time for misbehaving
Till I'm just about to lose my mind
And I'm starting now to wonder if I'll make it out from underneath
The pressures of the daily grind
I've had it bottled up for so long I'm gonna have to pop the top
The trouble is when I get started I ain't ever gonna want to stop

So as bad as I hate to
It's time to get crazy
It's time to take some tension off
When I get wound this tight
And the fact I'm gonna hurt myself
Ain't reason enough not to
So as bad as I hate to
I'll pay that price tomorrow
Cause it's time to get crazy tonight

Well at home my little lady's got a toddler and a baby
And a million things she'll never get done
And I know the homemaking is just a backbreaking
As sweating in the midday sun
She's been lifting lots of loads of laundry,dancing with a mop and a broom
When she finally gets a chance to party
You better give the little girl some room

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Time To Get Crazy Lyrics

Travis Tritt – Time To Get Crazy Lyrics

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