A nightmare hatches from my consciousness
Disorder drills in my head
Bearfoot I run from the pit of a burning house
I can't believe in what I'm feeling

Bombed with disturbing thoughts
I walk down the steers stairs of fear
The night is an absolute horror
Cold darkness with no beginning nor end

I believe the demons of the night
My life rolls on the edge of a dream
Is this what people call hell?
Where does this eon? Where does this eon?

Who am I?
Where am I going?
I stand naked in the middle of the night
Pitifully playing my role of existence
My thoughts and feelings
Departed somewhere in another dimension
They sink in shapeless darkness

[Solo: Mister]

This can't be true
The dream was suppose to end
This can't be true
Where does this end?
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This Can’t Be True Lyrics

Trauma – This Can’t Be True Lyrics