If it's on then it's on
From dusk to red dawn
If it's then it's on


I seen them come
I seen them gone
Seen the weak defeat the strong
Seen the ones that finished quick
To the ones that lasted long
I'll pass the bottle and the bong for those
Who understand this song
Forgive me when I'm wrong
And don't forget me when I'm gone

But if it's on then it's on from dusk till red dawn
Murder in my mind
Pistols in my palm
I've been through the storms
I appreciate the dawn
Well if it's on then it's on motherfuckers come on



Got my back against the wall
Feel the steel on my spine
Makin one false move
I'm goin for mine
Out of sight, out of mind
Duck in their one time
In a 7-7??? California sunshine

Nothing quite like it
This is the city of crime
Avoiding the feds
??? Hard time
Your whole world will change when you're droppin a dime
And while you rats get fat I'll be aimin for swine


You picked the wrong man to fuck with
I wish you luck with
It's your knife in my back
I been stuck with

You better duck this
When I swing this
I'm gonna bring this
fuck you up and swing this

Listen up man
I'll lay you down in a tomb
6 feet deep in a two foot room
And if you think your safe
We'll be coming for you soon

Transplants is on with the 808 boom



Take a swig and pass it back
As I swerve
25 in the fast lane puffin the sack
T-Dog and??? We kick it and laugh
Ain't a damn thing changed
Still roll with the pack

I love my bad habits
More deadly than crack
I burn on this???
Try to relax
But we don't know how to act
So fuckin you get the smack
Ain't nothing shitty bout my city
Or the pity it lacks

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Red Dawn Lyrics

Transplants – Red Dawn Lyrics