He grew up in the sunset
The wind at his back
He longed to remember
Somethings in our past
We're both over 30, but still seventeen
Just trying to hold on to some old high school dream

Well there've been women and lovers
Lots of miles in between
There've been barrooms,and bedrooms
And lots of nights with Jim Beam
Been tequila sunrises, times which I wish I'd never seen
But it's hard to act 30 when your dancin' to sweet 17

Now there's 2 wives and 6 kids
And miles in between us
And no time for us anymore
Oh the wild nights and barfights
And ditches and blue lights
Are a million dark nights from before


No it's hard to act 30 when your dancing to sweet 17
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Dancin' To Sweet 17 Lyrics

Tracy Lawrence – Dancin' To Sweet 17 Lyrics