My mates warned me long ago
She will make you blue oo oo
They said you've been had

Untidy tart they told me so
The home that I once knew oo oo
Was a filthy floozy's pad

One more, two more
Fleas on the bedroom floor
No ones ever seen her, with a vacuum cleaner
Three more, four more

Mice unite at the kitchen door
It weren't no rotten rumor,
He could never move her
And I never saw her with a hoover.

I'd fell for a hag from hell
She weren't the one to woo oo oo
In my new hovel.

One more...

She's nicked off, I'm in a spin
The first thing I shall do oo oo
Is plug the hoover in.

One more...
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Her With A Hoover Lyrics

Toy Dolls – Her With A Hoover Lyrics