We was just some little niggas
On and off the corner
Just wanna be a baller
I was just a little nigga
Just a little nigga
Same day I got rich
Then I drop 600 tell them bitches I'm big homie
Told them niggas they would turn me to the old me
Godfather putting 40 in the '03
Falling down to my knees

Lord let a nigga win win win
Let a young nigga win
Please Lord let me win win win
Let a young nigga win
Please Lord let me win win win
Let a young nigga win
Please Lord let me win win win
Let a young nigga win
Please Lord let me win

[Verse 1]
Let a young nigga win with a drop top Benz
2 door in the whip we? all fear
I was scoping the? when they called?
Find out next month nigga locked up?
I been gone since then, young nigga
Roll out, ?, trap house
I been on since then, young nigga
Don't lie, fourteen, cash out
And we roll since then, young nigga
?, niggas stay prayed up
But it's always same, young nigga
Let a song get sung, nigga

Nigga I be popping a 40 in Vegas
On top of your shorty get naked
The way that that nigga be grinding
You'd think that my women are only Jamaican
I know that she think she my only
But that bitch is only mistaken
You tricking, she know that you weak
And that's why that bitch don't be behaving
Nigga I'm?
? and Jesus could save me
I see that you hating
Ignoring a nigga
I'm keeping it daily
For keeping me posted
I give my people the pay
But niggas is evil
They really gone get all their people in play
So call up the? and call up the Lord
And call up the waiter
And tell all them bottles come to me with a sparkle
I got to bed and them bitches come out and they parking the car though
Now tell all them bitches to tell all them bitches they talking to Fargo


[Verse 2]
And the top get dropped
And the spot get locked
I'm a dog, get guap
And my broad give top
Nigga go so hard we should all get knocked
Nigga hatin' on us they can all get shot
Young nigga
Did it all for the?
Whip foreign and the car leather
Chicks showing in the - wait
Brrrr, I'm ignoring when the call ring
Big views in the high rise
We be living no more leasing nigga
Uh, now it's 7k on that feature nigga
And for any nigga with your side?
Gonna pull up on 'em like I'm side squirting?
Know July's coming but the fire working
Grind certain, while my side hurting
Nigga broke, why? Cause they did not work it
Bad broad, and she be fire twerking
Like the a north tape but it's the live version

Fuck it, I'm killing these niggas
Your style is a mini-me nigga
Somebody put skill in these niggas
? stacking for cheese
I ain't feeling you niggas

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The Godfather Lyrics

Tory Lanez – The Godfather Lyrics