Top Authority in the house
We are slowly for surely dyin, I'm sittin back home cryin, tryin to cope
Watchin over young ones, young Gz comin up slangin
Livin ????? you're either dead or bein it, that's why you're locked up
But I guess hopin, black and bein a , ever to much to smoke
For these coppers, don't like us, the MC's they try us
Roll em up and shake em up and talk your game and see who's the tightest
And I is, messed up but it's especially the truth about my feelings
Tryin ta make millions, but ain't seen the millions, so I'm stickin the dealins
Assisted, assisted the case, you missed the ...., it's feelin
Forget suckin up 'cause you . need to sing it
If you're rated G, you're wit me til I D-I-E
That's why we're livin 2 die

Livin 2 die, gotta do my time
Livin 2 die, they ask me why do I get high
I'm livin 2 die, 'cause I gotta do my time
Livin 2 die, they ask me why do I get high

It was a mix-up Saturday night, walkin by, a gunshot hook up wit down the block
Hopin the shit was a dream when I see my homey shot (Damn, man)
Whole corner blocked off
When my homey did a little dirt, that's why he got knocked off
But skip that, me and my homey go back like 8-tracks
And while I'm steady drinkin', I'm simply thinkin' of that payback
No time for layback, 'cause it's time to go do these busters
Run through these busters, and work out back on who dees busters
As we creep, hope we creep up right behind em
This here is weak, ain't gonna sleep until we find em
Let em know, what they did, bust em straight up
They took my homey away so now I'ma take their whole click
Get matter-of-fact, I know where one of dem busters live
And it gonna be drama when we pull him out his momma's crib
Unload the gauges and the Tek 9's
These busters try to check mines, it's time they respect mines
And hit em right where it hurt
Straight chop 'em off in the dirt, 'cause only way they goin out is in a hearse
The simple fact is I don't know why
I guess the same world we was given got us livin 2 die


Livin' in fear, I know this grave shh, brothers are killin' brothers over stupid shhh
Over material items and , 40 tips
I will toss that crook or that, 'cause you'll learn
Criminals earn every second, most infected by terms
Hittin' their hearse can provide you better protection
Chucked out in this war, stand by the lord and take safety of a Smith & Wessun
And stand by your door, 'cause your door can get kicked in
'Cause it's messed up where we're livin, cause this black-on-black blastin'
And it bring so much pain, but in the game, you know some days it rain
Tricks runnin' their mouth, tryin to frame a brother on 'caine
It's so messed up, man, they ask me why do I stay high
Smokin' on fo'-fifty-fo' flight got me livin 2 die

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Livin' 2 Die Lyrics

Top Authority – Livin' 2 Die Lyrics

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