[Chorus: x2]
Weed and hennessy let's ride nigga
Let's ride nigga, let's ride nigga

I got a hand full of money, and pockets full of drugs nigga
Precites the felon this is for my thug niggas
Mama praying when I'm walking the streets
Cause they boys on the corner keep calling police
Yeaaa, the lil homies cold blooded
Shorty got his shotty in his pants leg walking in the public
Feds chase a nigga right off the block
And I'm staying out them clubs from them hip hop cops
I watch, all my friends and watch all my enemies
In the room paranoid with 10 set a keys

And 10 set a keys, is 10 set a keys
I flip flop the colors, on 10 set a v's
The life of a hustler that just wanna ball
I keep a 44, in my project hoe
A street nigga ny know
I drink rosay like a fucking whino
We can get it shaking like a stripper panties
I'm smoking half a pounds, y'all niggas tryna ante
Rest in peace to granite, she died at 1. 03
There's a million you's, but there's just 1 of me
I got my antiques on with my fucking free t-shirt
Fuck a cd I'm bagging up that work

[Chorus x2]
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Weed And Hennessy Lyrics

Tony Yayo – Weed And Hennessy Lyrics