[Superstar Jay:]
Tony Yayo, Superstar Jay...
"Swine Flu Part 2"!
Enter Queens at your own risk!

[Female reporter:]
There's a stillness in the air...
In the neighborhood where two blocks seem empty.
You can hear the wind whip through the playground usually crowded with
Signs on school doors: "Closed because of swine flu".
This is Ground Zero for swine flu here in New York.
Queens... Has more than half the swine flu cases in the country.

[Male 1:]
Swine flu breeds in pigs... Spread then from person to person.
Right now New York City is virtually shut down!

[Female 1]
Schools are closed.

[Male 1:]
This is a virus the world has really never seen before.

[Female 2:]
Libraries and museums... Shut down.
Residents wearing masks!
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Swine Flu Intro Lyrics

Tony Yayo – Swine Flu Intro Lyrics