I guess I've got a heart meant
For fooling around with chicks
'Cause in that love department
I know all the ladies' tricks

Now I ran across a girl one day
She was as sharp as a girl could be
And I wasn't surprised to hear her say
That she really went for me

She said I was the best man
Whoever knocked on her door
She said I was the best man
The fella she'd waited for

She said I was the best man
At dancing and nobody can deny
That when it came to romancing
I was the A plus number 1 guy

But then she met my best friend
And knocked him right off his pins
But still I wasn't worried
'Cause the best man always wins

The way it all turned out, there was no doubt
That I was best man in the end
Yes, I was the best man
When she married my best friend

So don't you think you're the best
Till you pass the test
And you know all the ladies' tricks
'Cause you wind up as the best man
While the other guy gets the chicks
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The Best Man Lyrics

Tony Bennett – The Best Man Lyrics

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