Oh rising up, rising up, she be rising up now rising up rising up
Eco Freeko Eco Freeko Eco Freeko Eco Freeko
It& apos; s 7 to 11 and the wolf is at the door
It& apos; s been diagnosed that you& apos; re going to be a ghost
Eco freeko this eco freeko that
If everything stopped would the eco come back
My girl has some hope for this place
That& apos; s what I like about her too
She’s responsible
Everything different bout the way that she do
Eco Freeko If this is my world and you& apos; re my girl
Eco Freeko we don& apos; t want to view this messy scene
Eco Freeko we& apos; ll walk into the fields of green
Eco Freeko hiding out from the eco freeko
10 to the power of 20 and turning on all those lights
It& apos; s rising up rising rising up
Baby tries to help the world
She makes me proud
I love her on the grass and I love her in the leaves
She makes me proud
I love her on a sandy beach
She makes me proud
Our time, our time together I don& apos; t feel like a nasty boy
Lovin her’s like a real cool deal
When I do right I feel alright I feel alright
Eco Freeko this is my world and you& apos; re my girl
Eco Freeko you make your best conservative guess
Eco Freeko While it’s red lining everywhere every thing
Eco Freeko can’t you just stop for a week eco freek
Eco Freeko if this is my world and you& apos; re my girl
Eco Freeko Don& apos; t want a bigger shack lets don& apos; t move again
Oh na na na I& apos; m thankful for the little that I have oh yeh
Boom boom the eco freeko meter& apos; s peakin hey hey hey
Yeah and this is my world
How about what I think stop
Eco freeko eco freeko get off of my rock
I& apos; ve given up believing that the people with the most toys
Give the world the most joy
Aah its another summer and its just another bummer all the trash that you& apos; re throwing in the ditch.
And there& apos; s those that think that ignorance is bliss
But this is my world for me and my girl
We& apos; re keeping up with Jones
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Eco Freeko Lyrics

Tonesâ„¢ – Eco Freeko Lyrics