I swung down from an early freight trying to get my head on straight this morning
I didn't sleep too well last night and every bone and muscle aches today
I can't believe this hungry man with wrinkled clothes and dirty hands is me
You'd never known to look at me that I used to be a family man
Somewhere the woman who once loved me is gettin' up to dress my kids for school
Maybe they won't grow up to hate me or ever know their daddy was a fool
[ ac. Guitar ]
It seems I've lost all tracks of time
And the only thoughts to cross my mind're homeward
The thing I dread more than today is to face another cold and grey tomorrow
I've lost my pride and sanity and no one stops or takes the time to know me
I can't say I blame 'em though cause I don't look much like a family man
Somewhere the little girl who needs me is beginning to forget he daddy's face
Somewhere the woman who once loved me
Has turned to kiss the man who's taking my place
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Family Man Lyrics

Tommy Cash – Family Man Lyrics