By Tom Petty and Mike Campbell

It's gonna be another hard night
You wanna take it all alone
You wanna face up to the trouble
You wanna face up to your soul
And baby you can have it any way you want it
You just get a little lost from time to time
Sometimes it gets a little crazy somewhere down inside

But you can still change your mind
You can change your feelings

Everybody wants all the world can give 'em
Everybody wants to get all they can get
Everybody's waiting on somethin' that hasn't come yet
And you can hide it for a little while honey
You can try and just lose it for awhile
Then it's gonna do something to ya somewhere down inside

(Repeat 1st Chorus)

Oh and it gets harder by the minute girl
Oh it gets harder every day
Listen to me darlin', oh you don't have to wait

It's alright, you can still change your mind
Just hold tight, everything's gonna be alright
If you can change your mind
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You Can Still Change Your Mind Lyrics