By Tom Petty

Sometimes I wanna leave here,
Sometimes I wanna go right back where I came from,
Back where I belong.
But it never lasts for too long, it always goes away.
And I still don't look for reasons,
That's much too hard these days.

Why worry 'bout the rain?
Why worry 'bout the thunder?
Century City's got everything covered.

Well, your mama gave you lovin',
Mama held you near,
Now mama can't do nothin'
Baby, mama just ain't here.
And you can pretend all you want to do,
But that won't work no more.
And you can't run back to daddy
You tried that once before.

But why worry 'bout your daddy?
Why worry 'bout your mother?
Century City's got everything covered.

We're gonna live in Century City,
Go ahead and give in (Century City) like modern men,
And modern girls, we're gonna live in the modern world.

Sometimes I get discouraged,
Sometimes I feel so down,
Sometimes I get so worried,
And I don't know what about.
But it works out in the long run,
It always goes away,
I've come now to accept it
As a reoccurring phase.

Why worry 'bout the rain?
Why worry 'bout the thunder?
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Century City Lyrics

Tom Petty – Century City Lyrics

Songwriters: PETTY, TOM
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