Hello, you stand there in my door
There is no one here except you and me
Okay, so far come in
The rest comes by itself in room 483
In here it's never really day
The light comes from the minibar
Tomorrow it still won't be light
Welcome to the hotel
*We just wanted to talk
And still you're lying there
And lying beside you
Talk talk
Come here
We won't be interrupted
Of that I have made sure
Don't Disturb
Where we'll be tomorrow
The world will still be in here
Lie yourself back there again
I listen to you, see your face
Your lips open up
Speak slowly, please not to fast
Welcome to the hotel
Repeat *
By the door alarm
The whole world screams
Everybody pulls in me
I won't do anything without you
Talk (12 times)
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Talk Lyrics

Tokio Hotel – Talk Lyrics