I've been hurt
I've never been so hurt
Yes, and only you know why
But I would be far more hurt if we had to say good bye

When I think that it's all or nothing
I tell myself
True love does not demand fidelity
If there's one sacred place always in your heart for me

Time has come
I knew the time would come
When someone would want to be more than friends
But we had a love so sweet

I thought the dream would never end
If my love could not withstand this jealousy
I'd remember the day I threw away our eternity
Has no plan, things will happen we don't understand

One day the glove is on the other hand
And when you think that it's all or nothing
Just tell yourself
If our love could not withstand this jealousy

We'd remember the day we threw away our eternity
If it's true love, it does not demand fidelity
Oh it hurt me so bad
But I can't help but love you for eternity

I know we got a true love
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Fidelity Lyrics

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Todd Rundgren – Fidelity Lyrics

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