Any minute the 5 o'clock crowd will be coming, taps'll be flowing with
The cigarette smoke is soon to be risin' and at 5: 30 Clancy gets here.
She knows all their faces she's practically raised them, and that why
They're loyal and true.
They'll pay their tabs and that pays the light bill, and she keeps their
Glass full of brew
And the welders and the drivers and the old nine to fivers, and the regular
Joe's Of the world,
Are singing here's to you Clancy and your neighborhood tavern, pour me
Another my girl.
Musical Break...
There's a waitress named lily shows up at 7, to make sure their service is
And there's a black dude named Elmo that cooks in the kitchen, burgers &
Chicken fried steak,
Yeah round 9 o'clock the band will start playing, and the music will fill
Up the air.
Then they'll take a break every 45 minutes, and the jukebox takes over from
Repeat chorus...
Steel guitar & fiddle instrumental
Key Change Up 2 half steps
It's 1: 35 last call's upon us, it's time to settle the score.
Won't you call me a cab and bring me a tab, and while you're at it bring me
One more.
She's cleaned the last table and shined up the bar, it's late & everyone's
Then she'll c*** her pistol and count all her money, then drive that old
Chrysler back home.
Repeat chorus
Yeah good night sweet Clancy, in your neighborhood tavern, we'll see you
Tomorrow my girl.
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Clancy's Tavern Lyrics

Toby Keith – Clancy's Tavern Lyrics

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