Now the stars are fading in the morning light
And you?re warm beside me in the early bright
You?re the one I wanted, you?re the one I need
And I feel so safe here and I feel so free

I?d like to freeze this moment, I want to take this time
I want to keep it with me, I want to make it mine
But why cheat the future, why be afraid
Cause when you have what I have, you know you got it made

Like a lone tree standing on a mountain top
One that keeps on living, one that just can?t stop
That?s the kind of loving that I have for you
And when the storm is over, I?ll be there and true

Many times I?m humbled by the ways of life
And how a man can stumble onto fate?s sharp knife
But I?m never worried, no I?m never scared
When you?re here beside me, I know that I?ll be spared

Cause you don?t take chances, you don?t like loose talk
And your ways are constant, you?re a solid rock
You?re the one I wanted, you?re the one I need
And you showed me a new life and you helped me to be

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Lone Tree Standing Lyrics

Tim O'Brien – Lone Tree Standing Lyrics

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