Every day is a long time waiting
Every night is alone and cryin?
Your memory is a long time fadin?
Every tear has a reason why, every tear has a reason why

Echos are fillin? the hallways, bringin? back those better times
The smell and the touch and the taste of you won?t leave my mind
You?re a ghost in the house we lived in, I can feel you everywhere
I know better than to hope that you still care
But I keep lookin? for you out there


You came in like the dawn of a new day, now the dark is settlin? in
I don?t know if I can find a life worth livin? again
In the night, in the still of the shadows, I can?t help but wonder why
I bought into a trouble that no one else would buy
And every tear has a reason why

I chased you until you caught me, caught me so unaware
Look at all the things you taught me about a dead end love affair

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Every Tear Has A Reason Why Lyrics

Tim O'Brien – Every Tear Has A Reason Why Lyrics

Songwriters: TIMOTHY P. O'BRIEN
Every Tear Has A Reason Why lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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