So beautiful, delicate and fragile
Too sheltered, protected from the world
Upon and shelf isolated and alone
Observing life outside and belowe
In her frills and ruffles with her hair in curls
Admired and feared by all the boys and girls
She one day fell from her pedastal
Falling with a crash
Ruffles, curls, pink ribbons and all

She appeared to be immortal
She seemed so untouchable
They admired her for her beauty
And knew her for such naivity
The cracked and battered little doll
Mounted high on a wall
Before came her terrible fall

Her shattered pieces scatter the floor
They sweep her away in a bag out the door
Only to be replaced by another
In no time they'll all forget about her
The beautiful doll with the lace and curls
The beautiful one with the big brown eyes
Thrown in busted and broken into the dark cold box
Lowering itself deep in the ground

Hearing her cry from deep belowe
Deep in the ground crying for life
Inhaling the stale air
Screaming out for someone to hear...

Crying out to be ressurected...
Crying out to be loved...
Crying out to be revered...
And seen as more than
Only a pretty face
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Porcelain Doll Lyrics

Tiffany Apan – Porcelain Doll Lyrics

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