Spent a night
In a dreary house
Saw life from the other side
Never knew how much I had
How easy it is to cry
Hidden behind Flithy drapes
The sadness bleeds right through
Many things they know they need
Little they have has to do

Dad’s past out’
On the stairs
But no one seems to care
Hungry child starts to cry
But mama knows her cupbards are bare

I feel grateful
I feel content
I’m stuck in a dirty room
I wish that I had never met
They got nothing but the struggle to live
As they fall
They crawl further in debt

You don’t know what you got
Until You can’t get

People here got problems
It shows up on their skin
Thicker and tougher
Than any other place
That I have ever been

Can't take care of themselves
His drugs her broken bones
Grandma's slowly loosing her mind
Well they tend to leave her


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You Can't Get Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – You Can't Get Lyrics