Well the lights in this room don’t work
And there’s a fly on the floor
In the alley crazy’s are screamn’
And my neighbor just slammed his car door

Well I hear all these sounds in my garage downstairs
The people are asleep
If I sing,
No body cares


Keep pressing on, press it to the limit
Till my limit is gone.
Grabbing for every step
Wondern’ if it’s worth it
And who’ll use me next.
Keep makn’ my moves
Waitn’ for the shot, where I know I can proove
That I’ll keep givn’ it all that I got
Till the day that I loose

Well my room it has no windows but
Two large automatic doors
In the winter with the snow fall you know that I almost froze.

But my smile it lasts
For months at a time
One day I’ll make some money
When I sell all these rhymes.


Inst. Solo

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The Garage Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – The Garage Lyrics