Go on hold me back
Try to keep me down

Cover my heart with your sleeve
But the beat it still resounds

Say words to distract
But you can’t pull me away

I’ve loved for so long
I know no other way

I’m trying to see
What it is that you could do for me

But my hands are full
With everything that I need

Say what you want
Take what you wish
But you can’t keep a girl down

Nothing from you
Will ever compare to the
Spark that I have found

I feel what I love
And I know it’s enough
‘cause my feet don’t touch the ground

When words are out of reach
She gets me to speak

She’s there always listens
Fills parts that have been missn’

Through all of the madness
Tears of joy and gladness

She sees burdens in my way
And pushes them away

I’m letting you know
There are sides to me
That I will never go

Special places that she
Takes me and I go

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Ol' Joanna Lyrics

Tiff Jimber – Ol' Joanna Lyrics