This wintercold and forlorn night
Under the bloodmoon's cold light
I walked a path unseen for eyes
Whilst choirs of doom sang my praise

The moonlight mirrored it's light in my eyes
Nocturnal starwinds blow from the sky
I'll meet the spirits of all those who died
I'll return with wisdom from forgotten kings

Come walk under my shadow where black fires burn
I'll bless you with plague and eternal disease
For I've kissed the lips of the countess of sin
I am to be the last of all kings

For I was the blackeyed one
With hunger in my eyes
And only I could see through
And beyond this cursed sky

I've eaten the heart of the oldest of drakes
Wisdom of old gods is granted to me
I've seen the abyss, the might in it's kings
My kingdom is endless, eternal in might

("On Twilight Enthroned")
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Blackthorn Crown Lyrics

Throne Of Ahaz – Blackthorn Crown Lyrics