Spheres of light float within, without me
Holding me
Pulling me together, in this dark and stormy weather
When they're in line I can do most anything, go anywhere
But as long as you are here, I feel safe
I am content with whatever
Cause' you see through the center of me
Farther than I have ever been
More than bones and blood, tissue and organs
You see right to to the cusp
The central point
The history of where I come from
You're what makes me
Wholly, completely
You make my weakness into strength
I feel hell bent
Heaven sent comfort to me
Your amazing ability to calm the most violent of seas
You build me up when I am down
You fill the cracks in my foundation
I have nothing but admiration
My soul is drawn to you
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Wholly, Completely Lyrics

They Sleep They Dream – Wholly, Completely Lyrics