... And that's when it hit me.
Wake up!
Get outside,
Get away from this,
Stop eating the lies.
She's a rusty dagger
And she'll puncture you
With her darling looks
And her darling smile.
If she gets too close
She's gonna eat you alive.
She'll consume every part of you
Until there's nothing left.
Yeah, there's nothing left.
You're a hollow shell
And you're bigger than that.

Hurt once, hurt twice.
Gotta empty feeling burning me inside.
Gonna live fast and die slow.
Die so sloooooooooow.

I'm sick of treating others like they should be treated
If I could make them, then I swear that they'd all pay
Cause' all they ever do is try and take advantage
Of others kindness when they try to be nice to them
And everybody knows
There's a giant heart that lives on my sleeve
I think it's bigger than me, yeah.
But the queen of swords, she won't hurt me.
She's tempered
And she can carry the weight of the world on her back.

"it's like you're my best friend."
What a thing to say.
What kind of line is that?

You kill me.
Please kill me quick
And i'll come back again to haunt you.
I promise.

Slide the skewer.
Cut me deep.
Watch the red flow to my feet.
I reach for you
And grab at you
But you want no part of me.
Let the knife fall down my veins.
Make a waterfall into a tidal wave.
My well is drying
As I loose my coloring.

Now I've got skin like you.
It's alabaster turning blue
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Queen Of Swords Lyrics

They Sleep They Dream – Queen Of Swords Lyrics