I feel sea sick and nauseous
Slowly turning until I'm able to move
Maybe it's the time of day or being on the thru way, but it made me think of you
I seep through the window and melt until the pavement, it catches me
Hold your breath, hold your breath
I'm praying hard for relapse
Then' I'm coming back
Then I'm coming back for you
The Goal is great and full of Bliss
It's almost tantalizing
But I couldn't leave without you
No I wouldn't leave without you
Tread softly the floor is covered in books, and papers, and clothes
Try hard not to crush the stack of magazines
It's underneath my coat
Spread yourself across the mattress as quiet as can be
On the sides of roads and the tiles in your apartment
And the way you looked at me, you made me feel like a new born
Am I falling in love? Cause' you're the one I'm thinking of
And in the open air, a smell so pure and sweet
And the way you smiled at me, you knocked me off my feet
Get back here
Don't walk away
We'll lay here
Get back here
You can watch me fly around town and bounce off buildings
You can chase me and then I'll chase you back
Throughout the atmosphere
Our bodies lay frozen but we don't care
Through the stars, around the moon, the rings of saturn in full bloom
You can watch me fly
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Bounce Off Buildings Lyrics

They Sleep They Dream – Bounce Off Buildings Lyrics