[Although Christians tried to destroy every aspect of our heathen heritage,
The theme of the Germanic myth of Loki and the master builder persisted as
A common motif in Germanic folk tales. The giant is most often supplanted by
The Christian devil, while Loki is replaced by a folk hero or a clever peasant or priest...]

"An architect and his horse
Came to Asgard,
And offered to erect a wall,
To protect the mighty gods
From the wretched giants.
In exchange for this service,
He demanded a curious payment;
Th goddess Freyja, moon and sun.
Were to be delivered unto him

Panic grew among the gods
As the mighty wall arose
Soon the word will be done
And the awful debt must be paid

How can the gods
Part from moon and sun?
And deliver Freyja
To Jцtunn hands?

In disguise
Loki lured the horse away
To prevent
Completion of the wall

"The architect retightened to Asgard
Only to find the Thunderer
Who answered his rage
By crushing his skull. "
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The Architect Lyrics

Theudho – The Architect Lyrics