You called me up and I turned you down. I can't keep coming around every
Time you dial my digits darlin'. You think of me only when you're feeling a
Little too lonely. Anytime you think you'd like to hold me, anytime you'd
Like. I thought I'd be lost forever, thought I'd never find my way. Thought
We'd always be together, thought I'd never see the day. And I close my
Eyes, and I feel alright because you're out of mind when you're out of
Sight. Now I'm kick starting something new becuase I swear to god that I'm
Over you. I'm tired of feeling sick and blue, tired of never knowing what
To do. So I sit back and watch the show, and start to let these feelings
Go. I'm tired of feeling like I don't have a clue, tired of always running
Back to you. And I close my eyes and I feel alright because you're out of
Mind when you're out of sight. And you're watching me, wondering what I'll
Do. You can wait and see, I won't talk to you.
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Out Of Sight Lyrics

The Weekend – Out Of Sight Lyrics