Baby since we've met I'm way ahead,
It doesn't seem to matter what I do,
Since we've been together,
And whatever race I run,
With you by my side I'm way ahead.

Life's a great big rat race that's for sure,
Those who can't keep up get left behind,
Seems before I met you I would stumble, slip and fall;
But since you're with me baby, I can't help but pass 'em all.

Some folks bite and scratch to stay ahead;
Others stop at nothing just to win.
Still others just can't wait until they see you take a spill.
But with you by my side, the competition's standing still.

You have been my inspiration from the very start;
Had faith in me like no one ever did;
So as I play this game of life,
And may not always win;
You're right there in my corner,
By my side, through thick and thin.
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I’m Way Ahead Lyrics

The Watermen – I’m Way Ahead Lyrics