We are back again and you see that
We are here to stay and you want that
We aren't ever leaving no
You better start believing hoe

Come again
That's what she said
Hoes in our beds now
Take a bow
Tell em how it is

Blow jobs coming in when we were getting hot
One album sent us to the top
We iz back for round two
Time for us to fucking merk you
Like we were merking shit we did everyday
Yet sadder than a bitch got jumped and called gay
Mother fuckers
Our polyphonic prose
Ha only god knows, yeahhh
Big boobs big tits you know it's
Burn skillet girl ending up smelling like s***s
Tell you once
Tell you again
Homos quit ur perpin
Count your money
Count dimes now
Dime piece number ten
Album is popping
Hoes are starring
Come one now
We ain't trippin
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We Aint Trippin! Lyrics

The Walker Clan – We Aint Trippin! Lyrics