Everytime I go out and come home
I can hear my Mama say,
Son, How come everytime you come home you come home from thataway?
What's up there that ain't down here that's leading you astray? Tried my best to raise you right but you've gone the wicked way. Mama please can't you see
There's something up in them hills for me?
Bless my soul Mama you ought to know there's love up in them hills.(repeat once)
Ma, I said, the people who live on the hill they're really outasite.
And the people like us that live on the lowland just don't fit in right.
But when two hearts beat as one they don't care who's rich or poor.
All they wanna do is love each other - who could ask for anything more?
Mama please, can't you see? There'something up in them hills for me?
Bless my soul, Mama, you ought to know, there's love
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Love In Them There Hills Lyrics

The Vibrations – Love In Them There Hills Lyrics