When Humanity creates a hierchy
Placing blowholes above anemones
When sovereign nations have made it policy
Slaughter anything that goes with wasabe
In the food chain, there is a third rail
Winking at mass murder of the yellow tail
Let 'em suffocate, there's no intelligence
They don't jump through hoops for an audience

Say a prayer for the Earth as you make a wish
Who will she'd one tear for the tunafish,
Or the thousand other species on the ocean floor?
Does a spot on prime time tv Land justify the ruination of a fisherman
That could've been me cries the albacore
With the carnage sealed hermetically
In the killing fields of local canneries
It's a Dolphin Safe atrocity (Flippery frippery)

Metal gafs are flying
As the innocent keep dying
But are we only crying
For God's creatures not worth frying?
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The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore Lyrics

The Vandals – The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore Lyrics