You know when your sure
That no one gives a crap,
Your on the right track
It's a fact

And when you believe,
Things are good
It's guaranteed
You're up your ass
It's a fact

Morons through
The world,
And it's shitty place
No one ever asked to be born
It's a fact

You know every time
You think you've got it right,
Your totally wrong
It's a fact

And when you really try
The efforts misapplied
Or there's a catch
It's a fact

When you've got a sure thing,
Your sure to fuck it up
It's one thing you can count on every time
It's a fact

What can you do?
Absolutely nothing
Don't even try to amount to something
It will never work and Hitler is a jerk,
And soon we'll all be dead anyway
It's a fact
(you suck)

In five billion years
The sun will explode
It's in the bible
It's a fact

And no one will know
That we were ever here
It's a fact
It's a fact

So rest assured in knowing
That what you do don't matter
Some one can do it better anyway
It's a fact

It's a fact
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It's A Fact Lyrics

The Vandals – It's A Fact Lyrics