Take me to a place, high above the tide
Underneath the waves, where I can come inside
A reveille, told in fractured time
Only in this way, will I become alive

Fill me with your love, I'm standing by
You and you alone, don't ask me why
There's an inner place, I'm cannot find

So s-o-l, and petrified
So, everytime, you blow your mind

I wait for you, you never come
You're bleeding thru, I must be numb
And you are just a dream, I cannot find
From under what you see, don't ask me why

Don't leave it alone, my love, my wreckage
I ain't to weak to run, tho slow, I'm coming

Once I count the numbers down, to the end or there around
Free or thus, forever bound, for forever's coming down
And finally...

Fill me with your love, I'm by your side
You and you alone, don't ask me why
For you I will be there, I just can't hide
From way beyond the glare, i'll tell you why
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Underneath The Waves Lyrics

The Twilight Singers – Underneath The Waves Lyrics

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