With your best laid plans, push and pull like a man
with your mouth sown shut, like a dream

i regret to belie, that i ain't your whippin' boy no more
no witness, no disguise, or disbelief

maybe, i overthought
the situations over now
i'm gone

what's your name? open wide
watch your head, you better step inside
we all grows up, ya hear?
i'm gonna get a kiss, then i'm gonna get away from here

maybe i overthought
the situation, overwrought, with drama
go tell your mama, go tell your mama
that i'm here

that i'm here, to save somebody tonight
i love you too much, i love you too much
you say you do, you say you're blue
but i told you once, you talk too much
and don't say enough, you're friends ain't true
they'd have you for lunch
they's have you for lunch

i'll take a ride...
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Dead To Rights Lyrics

The Twilight Singers – Dead To Rights Lyrics

Songwriters: JESSE F. MALIN
Dead To Rights lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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