Dragonfly in a tidal wave
Eyes have come undone
Still the coastline's a mile away
And the storm's just begun

Here goes nothing
Heard him saying
As he buzzed away

Dragonfly sees the tops of the trees
From the c-130 door
Flips a bird puts his knees in the breeze
And floats down to the war

Here goes nothing
Heard him saying
As he dropped away
Here goes nothing
Coming down
Hardly makes a sound

Cover it up, cover it up (x8)

Here goes nothing
Holy roller
Finally blew a fuse
Here goes nothing
Read all about it
In the front page news

Dragonfly makes a crown of thorns
For a savior yet to come
Still alive but his wings are torn
And his conscience has gone numb
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Dragonfly Lyrics

The Thorns – Dragonfly Lyrics