He's moving all his stock to that big paddock
Fires coming through and its coming fast
Sixteen hundred sheep, two hundred cattle
When it comes to giving up, he'd be the last
And that old brigade came by with the bad news
The big burns on its way and we need your help
So he kissed his wife goodbye and said I love you
And he left his stock to 'fend for themselves
It?s just how it goes
And he's still circlin'
Round and round upon this dusty land
And he'll keep the mob together while he's workin'
Always keen to lend a helpin' hand
And he's still circlin'
Wind shift turned the fire past his homestead
And he was faced with puttin? down his injured stock
Across that smoky flat all men lay breathless
His collie circled round the frightened mob
Doing his job
Through drought, flood and fire
For hardship and good times
I raise my glass to every man and dog
You look your ways fine
Still circling...
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Still Circling Lyrics

The Sunny Cowgirls – Still Circling Lyrics