Full moon cold night
We've got the fire burning
See the headlights
Come up the drive they're turning in
And now the party will begin
We've got the ute tray eskis
Filled up with ice and stacked with beer and Bundy
Getting excited cos it's time
To blow the roof off this shack of mine

Cause we're gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna get on it
We're rocking out break the drought
And we'll shout about being young and living loud
Gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna get on it
We'll make some noise girls and boys
We'll destroy us
Gonna go off when we get on it

The harsh sun wakes us
Stumble out from our swags
It's time for breakfast
The eggs and bacon's in the pan
And can't forget our morning rum can
Don't have to work till Monday
So we'll recover by the dam all Sunday
We'll drink and talk the time away


Gonna go hard
Gonna get loud
We'll take it to the limit
Dropping our guard
Letting it down
Because we're gonna get on it


Gonna go off when we get on it
Gonna go hard when we get on it
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Get On It Lyrics

The Sunny Cowgirls – Get On It Lyrics