Met a fine thing all slick at the boulevard
Tried to get a make I rip off cars, yeah
I had 'em all till their eyes were bleeding red
Let one go. Is there something I could have said?
Like still there's something I gotta ask you girl hey
Stay tonight, stay tonight, stay tonight
Stay tonight hey oh yeah
Hey little girl you don't have to cry no more
This ain't nothing that hasn't been done before
Little girl watch you won't get cast in sin
You stayed all night and then we did it again
Think I caught a cold standing out the liquor store
You won't get bought and sold no more
Got two rods in her cam shaft making noise
Her hood scoop nose and eye lash wipers to adore
Got started up like nothing I felt before
Like a kitten and then all four on the floor
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Stay Tonight Lyrics

The Strap-ons – Stay Tonight Lyrics