Here she comes again with that look in her eyes
I wonder what she has in mind for me this time
She tells me it's cool and that he doesn't know a thing
She knows that doesn't matter cause I won't stop a thing
And we know someone will burn from this

You want it, you got it
but that's all you get
I'm getting off easy
and there's no regrets
You get what you ask for
You know what you're in for
when you cross the line

There she goes again with her master plan
And I can't say that I completely understand
No matter what takes place we'll all eventually
Will have to realize that nothing comes for free


I should've stopped this mess at the very first kiss
But let's remember one thing
You're the one who started this

And we know someone will burn from this
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All You Get Lyrics

The Red Hot Valentines – All You Get Lyrics