Dusty, take me away with you.
Oh oh oh Dusty (Dusty), why can't I stay with you?
What's wrong with me?
Don't my kisses taste good like they did before?
On the beach in the warm summer breeze
You were beggin' for me on your knees.
Don't play cool in December
Like you don't remember those nights with me.

Dusty, Dusty.
I won't get in your way (get in your way),
Oh please don't say that we are through.
You came on so strong (came on so strong),
Was I so wrong,
When I gave all the love that I had to you?

Oh oh oh Dusty
Take me away with you.
You know that I would die
If I can't stay with you.
Give me a chance
To be more than a summer romance to you.
All the letters you promised to write
Won't help me on a cold winter's night.
If you leave me alone on my own
Who knows what will become of me?

Dusty, Dusty.
Dusty, take me away with you
Oh I beg of you
Dusty, take me away with you.
Dusty, take me away with you.
Dusty, take me away with you.
Dusty... (fade out).
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Dusty Lyrics

The Rag Dolls – Dusty Lyrics

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