Hello, my faithful friend,
You're back again
Hello, my dreary friend,
You're here again
Every day I wonder
Will you show yourself again
Never really knowing
Why or if or where or when
Suddenly you'll turn up
On my doorstep once again
Giving me no warning
That my joy has come to end

You're at my door again
No help to lend
You knock again and again
Is there no end?
Sorry not to welcome
You with open arms, my friend,
Seems like you just left me
My heart had no time to mend
I was almost happy
Thinking you had come to end
Now your darkness fills me
As you settle in again

I hate you, faithful friend,
You have no end
I loathe you, dreary friend,
You'll bring my end
Once again you turn up
In an unexpected way
Like an unforeseen twist
In a dark and tragic play
Yesterday I smiled
Thinking you had gone away
Now your sadness fills me
And I see you're here to stay
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Despair Lyrics

The Psychedelic Ensemble – Despair Lyrics