With a sky blue
And a cold ground
And a windmill stalled in mid-air
We head across Kansas
On our way home
Colorado, thank you, goodbye

Kansas, you fooler,
You're makin' me smile
'Cause I've never seen you this way before
You sure do look better
When it's this way we're headed
Home sure will feel good to me

But I'm lookin' farther to the girl at my door
With a smile I'm waitin' to see
She makes me feel better
The instant I'm there
I forget about all of my cares
I forget that I'm even there
Ahhha, ahhha, ahhha, ahhha
Ahhha, ahhha, ahhha, ahhha

The road's OK,
If you like to play
Your music can let you have a good time
I like to stay home
And take time to grow
So it all can make a pleasant cycle

(Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh
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Kansas You Fooler Lyrics

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Kansas You Fooler Lyrics

Songwriters: LARRY M. LEE
Kansas You Fooler lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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