Congratulations girl
you've turned me into a fucking robot now
disco lights in my analog eyes
wires hanging from my cocktail party mouth
Welcome to the saddest party in the world
let me take your scarf and jacket
you get the five dollar tour

Congratulations girl
you made a cuckold of me
you're playing Helen of Troy at the beach
but I ain't crossing the sea

Woo hoo woo hoo
Never trust a scientist girl

Congratulations girl
you've made a fine fine mess of me
could you tell you weren't impressed with me
hey that's fine with me
So long now girl
see you waiting with a compass and a chart
my vitals to tell you just where to make your cut

I was obsolete
right from the start
hope your new boy finds the
matches at your door
to light the burner in your heart
to help you burn up like magnesium
straight through the walls
till they can't see you at all

"and when it's Christmas time
in Ho Chi Minh City
kiddies say papa papa papa san
take me home
See me got photo photographs of you
and mama mama mama san"

I'd rather listen to The Clash all night
Than be with you
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Scientist Girl Lyrics

The North Atlantic – Scientist Girl Lyrics